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iPad Artist Andy Maitland makes digital drawings on an iPad using a stylus and the drawing app ‘Brushes’. iPad drawings are made directly from observation outdoors
and also in the studio in Surrey, UK.

Andy has been invited to talk about his work
at the V&A and Apple. He has worked with London Heathrow Airport, drawn live at
private events and hosted classes at schools. His drawings were recently on display at ‘The Digital Garden® an interactive installation of iPad drawings with augmented reality’, a collaboration with The Royal Horticultural Society.

Andy has also published ‘iPad Paintings and Drawings’ and ‘iPad Drawings’ on the Apple iBookstore. A new print publication of iPad drawings will be available shortly.

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‘few people can actually call them-selves iPad artists. Andy Maitland
is one such artist...’
- CNET.COM Publication

‘feedback was brilliant’
- V&A Talk and workshop

‘The project was a great
opportunity for our visitors to try
a whole new way of “gardening”’
The Digital Garden, public art exhibition

‘this is fantastic’
- GP&J BAKER The Digital Garden, public art exhibition

‘everyone really enjoyed your work’
- GP ASSOCIATES Private event

Andy Maitland, iPad Artist

The Digital Garden® exhibition, in collaboration with Royal Horticultural Society Garden Wisley

Surrey, the outdoor “office”

News Events andy maitland ipad artist recent art work Giant iPad drawings at The Digital Garden, an exhibition of iPad drawings with augmented reality, in collaboration with RHS Garden Wisley.

Works & Projects

Andy exhibits regularly, collaborates on public
and private projects, is open to project commissions, talks about creative process on invitation and hosts a small number of workshops for educational initiatives

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A new book of iPad drawings


iPad drawings exhibition with augmented reality


GP Associates, private event

 MUSINGS  2017

Visit to Degas, Paris

 MUSINGS  2017

Visit to Hockney’s retrospective, London

 EVENT  2017

First solo show pictures

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The Digital Garden
A new book of iPad Drawings with augmented reality now available »

About Andy Maitland