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Hello and thanks for taking an interest in my iPad drawings.

My pictures...

I draw exclusively on the iPad, I use my fingers or a stylus. I’ve been drawing seriously since May 2013 when I held my first pop-up art exhibition. I’m particularly interested in making open-air landscape art.


The English landscape in Surrey is my current subject and has been the main focus of my work since 2012. Being out in the landscape, drawing this on my iPad, is on most days a joy.

I've also been significantly influenced by David Hockney and his landscape exhibitions including "A Bigger Picture" at the Royal Academy in London.


I live and work in Surrey, UK. My background training is in the arts. For some years I worked as a graphic designer (working with great British companies such as Laura Ashley and House of Fraser). In late 2011 I started to explore drawing again. I’m specifically interested in drawing on my iPad, becoming what I call an “iPad Artist”.

My work motto...

David Hockney’s quote “Skill is practice” is a daily inspiration for me to learn.

If you like my work get in touch, or come and see my drawings up close and first-hand at an exhibition.


2012, updated 2018.


Q: What app do you use?
Brushes XP”, “Brushes Redux” and “Procreate”.

Q: What stylus do you use?
A: I use a non pressure sensitive stylus with a durable tip.

Q: How do you archive your drawings?
A: I use the “iCloud” and
DropBox apps.

Q: What do you like about the iPad as a medium?
A: What I find so fantastic is the immediacy and mobility that it enables. I can instantly respond to the landscape outdoors.

Q: What iPad do you use?
Any - they’re all brilliant.

Q: Do you talk about your practice/teach?
A: Yes, see more details here.

Andy Maitland, iPad Artist


Mail: enquiryAndy Maitland, iPad Artist, Surrey, UK

Picture: Heathrow Airport iPad Drawing Classes

Picture: Drawing in the landscape

About Andy Maitland