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Giant iPad drawings at The Digital Garden, an exhibition of iPad drawings with augmented reality, in collaboration with RHS Garden Wisley.


Artist Andy Maitland draws exclusively on the iPad making iPad drawings with the ‘Brushes’ app and a stylus. iPad drawings are made directly from observation often outdoors and also in the studio in Surrey, UK. More »

Current 2020

2020 - Current

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Morning Creative Talk, Aldridge Theatre, Frensham Heights, Surrey, UK. Displayed on screen an animated iPad drawing from 'The Digital Garden installation'.ART 2020-March

Talk at Frensham Heights, The Aldreidge Theatre, four hundred creative minds

The Digital Garden 2019, an intimate experience of animated iPad drawings, the Royal Horticultural Society Garden Wisley, supported by Point101.ART 2020-March

A single work, six animated iPad drawings displayed on six white iPad’s - 'The Digital Garden®'

IYPH2020-logoART 2020-January

United Kingdom Research and Innovation (UKRI) commission for International Year of Plant Health 2020

2019 - Previous

iPad art exhibition with augmented realityART 2019-December

Pictures of The Digital Garden installation at the Royal Horticultural Society Garden Wisley

Andy Maitland iPad Drawing and Animation commisssion by the London Symphony Orchestra, UKART 2019-February

London Symphony Orchestra commission

2018 - Previous

'Andy Maitland The Digital Garden® An interactive experience of iPad Drawings with augmented reality' a newly published book by iPad Artist Andy MaitlandART 2018-October-November

A new interactive book of iPad drawings, ‘Andy Maitland, The Digital Garden®

The Digital Garden, an exhibition collaboration of iPad drawings with augmented reality at Royal Horticultural Society Garden Wisley. Visitors looking at the installation of iPad drawings.
EVENT 2018-March-June

iPad drawings exhibition with augmented reality


andy maitland ipad artist
EVENT 2018-January

GP Associates, private event held at the Royal Institute of British Architects »

2017 - Previous

andy maitland ipad artistMUSINGS November 2017
Visit to see the Degas exhibition at the Musée d'Orsay »

ipad-drawings-for-sale-andy-maitland-garden-flowers-1-print-framed-large-01ART March 2017

Some new drawings from my first solo iPad drawings exhibition »

andy maitland ipad artist recent art workMUSINGS March 2017

A visit to see Hockney’s retrospective art exhibition at the Tate Britain »

Detail of iPad Drawing at the first solo iPad drawings exhibitionEVENT March 2017

A few pictures from the first solo iPad drawings exhibition »

Andy-Maitland-iPad-drawings-exhibition-February-2017EVENT January-February 2017

First solo show, iPad Drawings Exhibition February 13-19, 2017, at Denbies Wine Estate »

2016 - Previous

 event  October-November-December 2016

First solo iPad Drawings Exhibition planned for February 13-19, 2017, at Denbies Wine Estate »

 event  SEPTEMBER 2016

A picture from the recent outdoor iPad Drawing workshop »

 event  august 2016

Details about the next pop-up iPad Drawings Exhibition »

 event  july 2016

Nine drawing workshops at the Royal Alexandra & Albert School »

 event  JUNE-july 2016

A one-day workshop in a stunning English landscape »

 musings  may 2016

A little bit of video fun »

 event  APRIL 2016

Details for two pop-up iPad Drawings exhibitions »

 musings  march 2016

A students comment brought a smile to my face during a recent iPad drawing workshop in London »

 musings  January & February 2016

Generally its been a mild winter (so far) but on freezing days I’ve taken to drawing in my mobile studio :) »

2015 - Previous

 art  December 2015

Landscapes are by their nature big so I started drawing on two and three iPad canvases »

 art  NOVEMBER 2015

This month the second eBook is published entitled “iPad Drawings” »

 event  OCTOBER 2015

Teaching students to sketch and draw on the iPad at Ibstock Place School, London »

 art  SEPTEMBER 2015

A bigger iPad drawing. A short video clip of an iPad drawing made on three iPad canvases »

 event  AUGUST 2015

Details about a Summer exhibition of iPad drawings this August Bank holiday »

 art  JULY 2015

"Painting and drawing on tablets isn’t exactly a novel activity, few people can actually call themselves iPad artists. Andy Maitland is one such artist..." »

 event  JUNE 2015

Pictures from the May 2015 pop-up art exhibition of iPad drawings

 musings  JUNE 2015

Hockney Lessons. “I went to art school but importantly, I went to Hockney” »

 event  MAY 2015

23rd- 25th May 2015 exhibition showing some iPad drawings of landscapes »

 art  march & April 2015

Currently working on some new pictures.

 event  FEBRUARY 2015

“The workshop feedback was brilliant” the V&A, London »

 event  FEBRUARY 2015

The Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) recently invited me to give a digital art workshop. “Victoria and Albert Museum The world's leading museum of art and design”. V&A, South Kensington, Cromwell Road, London »

 event  JANUARY 2015

The next generation of artists (perhaps really great artists) are in schools across the UK. I’m pleased to be able to take part in contemporary art education »

2014 - Previous

 musings  DECEMBER 2014

Hockney: live from L.A.. Highly anticipated Hockney documentary film with artist Q&A broadcast live from his home in L.A. »

 art  November 2014

One sketch and one drawing »

 about  November 2014

A little bit of fun »

 art  October 2014

Can art aid patient recovery? A series of pictures now hang in patient rooms on Woodland Ward, East Surrey hospital, UK »

 musings  SEPTEMBER 2014

Hockney’s woods. A visit to see one of Mr Hockney’s epic pictures of Woldgate woods »

 art  AUGUST 2014

Four seasons in monochrome. Four black and white drawings - Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer »

 event  AUGUST 2014

Art exhibition. Bank Holiday weekend - August 23rd - 25th Reigate Priory Park, Surrey, UK »

 event  JULY 2014

Talk: I will be giving a further talk at the Apple Store, Covent Garden, London »

 musings  JULY 2014

Another visit to see Hockney’s work. Hockney’s iPad and charcoal drawings  “The Arrival of Spring 2013” (Includes video) »

 event  JUNE 2014

“Heathrow Airport, recently I was asked to do some live drawing and host a number of iPad art classes at Heathrow Airport. Read an article about my experience at and view some video recordings of drawings” »

 art  MAY & JUNE 2014

East Surrey Hospital, hoping to brighten up the day for patients and visitors »

 event  may 2014

Art exhibition. May 17th - 18th Reigate, Surrey, UK »

 art  APRIL & MAY 2014

Three seasons in monochrome. iPad drawings of Autumn, Winter and Summer »

 event  MARCH - APRIL 2014

London Heathrow Airport. The experience of travel is changing at London Heathrow. Imagine being able to watch a live drawing session or take an art class prior to boarding your flight at one of the world’s busiest airports. In April you can »

 event  JANUARY 2014

Talk: I will be giving a talk at the Apple Store, Covent Garden, London »

2013 - Previous

 art   DECEMBER 2013

Autumnpreview, autumn mist in the morning »

 art  NOVEMBER 2013

First eBook published. Hot of the iPad and just published is a 90 page compilation of iPad sketches, drawings and paintings »

 event  JANUARY 2013

IPad art workshops for schools. “It’s been fun to run classes with tutors and students, learning how to use the iPad in modern art education” »

 art  NOVEMBER 2013

Saatchi Gallery. Art work ”In The Woods I” has been selected to appear with other works on screen at the 2nd floor of the Saatchi Gallery London »

 art  SEPTEMBER 2013

This is a video recording the process of drawing “In The Woods II”  »

 art  AUGUST 2013

Some recent works for sale. Two pictures are in charcoal (one of these is on show in the Saatchi Gallery London) »

 art  JULY 2013

Willow in the Rain. Two sketches of willow in the rain »

 art  JUNE 2013

Now avalable - note cards »

 art  JUNE 2013

Dyscover is a charity providing long-term support and opportunities to people with aphasia and their families »

 art  JUNE 2013

Nearly Summer. Drawing of trees in Reigate Priory Park »

 event  MAY 2013

First Exhibition, at the Pavilion, Priory Park, Reigate, Surrey. May Bank holiday weekend 25th to 27th, 2013 »

 art  MAY 2013

Spring and Winter, two pictures  »

 art  APRIL 2013

Still Winter, sketches of Winter »

  musings  MARCH 2013

Made on an iPad. Painting my local landscape in Reigate Priory Park, Surrey »


Twenty something’s. Three 20 minutes sketches »

 art  JANUARY 2013

Drawing at the speed of light. “I wasn’t painting fast enough on my iPad with a stylus, so I started using my finger to quickly capture the wonderful light…” »

2012 - Previous

 about  DECEMBER 2012


“Becoming an artist is quite a recent venture for me” »


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