Digital exhibition book: ‘The Digital Garden® 2018, iPad drawings with Augmented Reality, the Royal Horticultural Society Garden Wisley’


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Publications - 'iPad Paintings and Drawings' published ebook by iPad Artist Andy MaitlandPublications - 'iPad Drawings' the second ebook published by iPad Artist Andy Maitland

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’I chose to publish these iPad drawings in the form of an eBook as this medium retains the qualities of the ‘original’ drawings. Uniquely, an eBook also enables me to display time lapse recordings of some of my drawings, something no other medium can match.’
Andy Maitland.

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Andy Maitland The Digital Garden 2018 iPad-drawings with Augmented Reality online book with The Royal Horticultural Society Garden Wisley UK

See iPad drawings come alive with Augmented Reality in this new digital online edition. Includes a new audio introduction by Andy.

This book documents ‘The Digital Garden®’ installation at the Royal Horticultural Society Garden Wisley in May - June 2018 and it gives the reader an experience of the exhibition. Visitors to The Digital Garden® could interact with artworks installed both indoors and outdoors, to see how each was made, first to final mark, by using Augmented Reality on their smartphones and tablets. You too can join in the experience with some iPad drawings in this online book.

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