‘Uniquely, art is the only subject in which
students can think on any plane they wish’

‘The Digital Garden®, iPad drawings with

AR (augmented reality) at the Royal Horticultural

Society Garden Wisley’ digital exhibition book. For
practical help with learning to draw on the iPad please
take a look at this newly published digital book. The book
displays mark for mark videos demonstrating Andy’s drawing
process. It’s available for instant view and download here.

Andy has been invited to give talks, live iPad drawing demonstrations and workshops at Apple, the V&A, London Heathrow Airport, The Royal Horticultural Society, The Hurlingham Club and at a number of schools. He hosts a small number of workshops for schools educational initiatives per year.

Andy is an artist working exclusively on the iPad. He has taught artists with limited experience of using an iPad, adults very familiar with using an iPad who weren’t artists and school students with ages ranging from 5 - 17.

He has delivered iPad drawing talks, live drawing demonstrations and workshops in venues from a gallery (the V&A), school classrooms to busy retail environments (Apple Store Covent Garden) and airport departure lounges (London Heathrow airport). Each talk, drawing demonstration or workshop is tailored to the attendees and to the venue.

Details for previous and forthcoming iPad drawing talks and workshops are below:

For talks, live drawing events or schools educational initiatives, please contact Andy

ipad art workshop at ibstock place school andy maitland 2015

iPad drawing talks and workshops.

Ibstock Place School.
Clarence Lane, Roehampton,
London. SW15 5PYK.

Talk, iPad landscapes, sketching,
drawing and painting.
The V&A, London.
South Kensington, London SW7 2RL. UK.

Digital Art wokshop, iPad art landscapes, V&A, London, UK, 7 February 2015

Live drawing and digital art
classes in departure lounges.
London Heathrow Airport

iPad art classes at London Heathrow Airport

Covent Garden, London

Piazza, London, WC2E 8HA.

Landcape digital iPad art 2014, Apple Store, Covent Garden, London

Covent Garden, London

Piazza, London, WC2E 8HA.

iPad Art Class: Landcapes, Apple Store, Covent Garden, London, 31 July 2014
2016 iPad Drawings Art Workshops with iPad Artist Andy Maitland

Chat and workshop.
YMCA & Gatton Park.
Reigate, Surrey. RH2 0JD.

Andy Maitland The Digital Garden 2018 iPad-drawings with Augmented Reality online book with The Royal Horticultural Society Garden Wisley UK
iPad Art Class: Landcapes, Apple Store, Covent Garden, London, 31 July 2014

iPad drawing talks.

The Hurlingham Club.
Ranelagh Gardens, Fulham,
London, SW6 3PR, England.

‘Feedback was brilliant’


‘Thanks very much for an excellent talk, both to us and more importantly the students. Letting daylight in on magic.’