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Line Gardens No. 2, iPad Drawing, 2020.

Signed. Edition 1 of 1. Sold with a certificate of authenticity. A single iPad drawing in three sections, in three solid gallery-quality acrylic panels, each 1cm deep. The size of this complete work is 84 x 178 cm. Delivery 21 days from order. Shipping worldwide..

A custom size is available. Please contact Andy with your enquiry »

detail of ipad drawing hanging system detail of ipad drawing for sale by andy maitland, ipad drawing is on acrylic

Each acrylic panel has a microporous coating for maximum definition, depth and luminance. An invisible hanging system, with elegant aluminium fixings is attached to the back of each acrylic panel. Each hanger consists of two aluminium interlocking brackets modelled after the French cleat, with a built-in spirit level which ensures an accurate and easy installation.

iPad Drawings  ‘Line Gardens’

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