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Andy Maitland,
iPad Artist, lives and draws in the UK


Phone (UK time):
+44 (0)7848 687717

Instagram: @andy.maitland.ipad.artist

Andy Maitland, iPad Artist, Surrey, UK

’There was a real sense of wonder in the room at how the picture was going to unfold… and it worked out brilliantly with the orchestra’s playing’
- London Symphony Orchestra
iPad drawing and animation for concert.

‘The [‘Digital Garden’] project was a great opportunity for our visitors to try a whole new way of “gardening”’
- Royal Horticultural Society
’The Digital Garden®’, Public art exhibition.

‘feedback was brilliant’
- V&A
Talk and workshop.

‘few people can actually call themselves iPad artists. Andy Maitland is one such artist...’

‘passengers were surprised and delighted’
- London Heathrow Airport
Live drawing and digital drawing classes.

‘everyone really enjoyed your work’
- GP Associates  
Private event, live drawing.

‘while my patients rest in bed looking at the pictures on the wall I want to encourage them to imagine visiting these local places when they are back to health’
- Staff Member, East Surrey Hospital, UK  iPad drawings.

‘we really appreciate your sensitive approach, the recognition that you
had of the members difficulties and your natural teaching ability’
- Dyscover  Chat and still life group drawing.

‘this is fantastic’
- GP&J Baker  
The Digital Garden®’ Public art exhibition.

‘we’re now thinking of changing our décor to suit your picture!’
- Chris s. Client, Reigate
iPad drawing.

‘the whole thing is wow!’
- Muddy, age 11, witshire, UK  ‘The Digital Garden®’, public art exhibition.

Andy exhibits regularly, collaborates on public and private projects, is open to project commissions, talks about creative process on invitation and hosts a small number of workshops for educational initiatives. His drawings, publications and notecards are for sale.

Andy has worked with the V&A, Apple, London Heathrow Airport, the London Symphony Orchestra, The Royal Horticultural Society, United Kingdom Research and Innovation (UKRI) and with schools. His animated iPad drawings were recently on display at
‘The Digital Garden®’, a single work of six animated iPad drawings displayed on six white iPads with subtle English bird song sound track. A collaboration with The Royal Horticultural Society, supported by Point101. See more »

Andy has also published ‘iPad Paintings and Drawings’ and ‘iPad Drawings’ on the Apple iBookstore. A new print publication of iPad drawings is available entitled ‘The Digital Garden®, an interactive experience of iPad Drawings with augmented reality’. See more »

Andy Maitland, iPad Artist, makes digital drawings on an iPad using a stylus and the drawing app ‘Brushes’. He lives and draws in Surrey, UK. His drawings are made directly from observation, usually outdoors. His background training is in the arts and design industry. He has been making digital drawings on his iPad since 2011, becoming what he calls an ‘iPad Artist’.

The English landscape in Surrey is Andy’s current subject and has been the main focus of his work since 2011.

He has also been influenced by Hockney and his landscape exhibitions including ‘A Picture’ at the Royal Academy in London.

Motto and mentor...
’Stop designing’
-Jack Gardner.

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Andy Maitland