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Exhibition continues…

“Thanks for taking a look, this is a living exhibition and so I’ll be sharing more works and thoughts here over the coming days and weeks. You can see individual works here. -Andy”

About the exhibition
“I think the spaces we live and work in have never felt more important. I’ve always been enlivened amidst the interplay of a drawing and the space it occupies, perhaps more so since my first exhibition in 2013. I think when skilfully considered, drawings and space evoke emotion - together they somehow affirm the human spirit. This ethereal joy if you like is not something that is always experienced in a gallery space. ‘Contextual Line Gardens’ continues with my affinity for drawings and spaces, this time with drawings, homes and work spaces. These are my first ‘Contextual Line Gardens' - six drawings in six spaces.”

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About Andy
“Hello, from the start in 2012 I’ve been working outdoors in the landscape, one-to-one with my subject, but this year everything has changed. Initially the lockdown restrictions were a huge frustration, an unwelcome interruption to my creative process. For a few weeks I really didn't know what to do, I struggled to make any drawings. But in response I completely changed the way I work. During lockdown I've been making some new abstract iPad drawings, reconstructing nature, line by line - a few simple lines about space, flowers and foliage as I imagine them. And here are the first works, with more to follow.”

Below, bio film 2012-20, a brief visual history in drawings and exhibitions.

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‘Contextual Line Gardens’ abstract iPad drawings 2020 online exhibition
1st Nov 2020 - ongoing 2021

Andy Maitland