Andy Maitland, 2014, iPad drawing, Reigate Priory Park, Surrey, UK. Summer.

1 September 2013 - written by Andy Maitland

Video, iPad art drawing ‘In The Woods II’

In The Woods II, August 2013, iPad drawing.

This is snippet of a recording (the entire video recording can be seen in my eBook, for details please click here) of the first large wide scale picture that I have set out to paint 'en plein air', spanning a 180 degree view of woodland. I’ve been drawing in this area for a few months now. Over this time I’ve been satisfied with a couple of iPad drawings. I've sketched and drawn this scene many times, some days it has been frustrating other days it has been a joy. On the frustrating days I call this place my “nemesis”.

A further iPad drawing was made in one sitting, 'Summer in the Woods'. iPad drawing, Summer 2013.

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