‘There was a real sense of wonder in the room at how the picture was going to unfold... and it worked out brilliantly with the orchestra’s playing’


‘The pictures are beautiful and the prints are lush and frantic. So proud to have these in our home’


‘Passengers were surprised and delighted’

‘Feedback was brilliant’

‘This is fantastic’

‘Few people can actually call themselves iPad artists’

‘We really appreciate your sensitive approach, the recognition that you had of the members difficulties and your natural teaching ability’

‘Everyone really enjoyed your work’

‘Thanks very much for an excellent talk, both to us and more importantly the students. Letting daylight in on magic’

‘The whole thing is wow!’

‘Autumn Mist framed and I’m so happy’

‘So happy with my picture. Thank you Andy! An extension of the room’

‘It works! Beautifully’

‘It is perfect, you were spot on with the size. We’re very pleased with it’

‘We’re now thinking of changing our décor to suit your picture!’

‘While my patients rest in bed looking at the pictures on the wall I want to encourage them to imagine visiting these local places when they are back to health’

‘I found it very inspiring’


‘Enjoyed the day thoroughly - well structured, varied, informative, and to top it all, it took place at a delightful, evocative venue’