'An Imagined Garden 2020, abstraction iPad drawings, online exhibition, Andy Maitland'

10 January 2023 - written by Andy Maitland.

Pregnant pause.

Caution! Wet paint. I have been working on some new works and I'll be revealing the news about these very shortly.


2023 - The making of a new publication entitled 'An Imagined Garden One, iPad drawings, from figurative to abstraction 2011-22'.

Making '...One'. Read >

An Imagined Garden, abstraction iPad drawings digital Novella and online exhibition 2020-22'
01/08/2020 - 01/02/21

Ephemeral works (access to these works is now closed). 'An Imagined Garden, abstraction iPad drawings, online mini exhibition 2020'. Read > 'An Imagined Garden, abstraction iPad drawings, digital Novella'. Read >

Flower Garden. iPad drawings of flowers made across multiple iPad canvases in 2021

'Flower Garden' 2021. Read >