'Andy Maitland, An Imagined Garden One, from figurative to abstraction 2011-22'.


'Andy Maitland, iPad drawings, An Imagined Garden One, from figurative to abstraction 2011-22.'

Book description: 'An Imagined Garden One is an art book containing new prints and colourful works pictured in-situ accompanied by the artist’s written thoughts. The portfolio (displaying small to expansive-scale works executed between 2021-22) records Maitland’s imaginative transition to a new form of iPad drawing'.

£65 including postage and packaging (UK).


Soft cover:
184 pages.

A4 (h29.7 x w21.0 x d1.2 cm).


A record of this book is in the British Library.

Audio excerpts:

'...French poet Anatole France who said, "to know is nothing at all, to imagine is everything"...'

'...the notion of abstraction should be viewed critically. A drawing of a flower is not a flower. Artistic abstractions are...'

Excerpts © Copyright 2023 Andy Maitland.

Brief video history 'from figurative to abstraction' iPad drawings 2011-22.