Press Release - Andy Maitland, iPad drawings, An Imagined Garden One, from figurative to abstraction 2011-22.

31 January 2023.

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'Andy Maitland,
iPad drawings, An Imagined Garden One, from figurative to abstraction, 2011-22'.

The Spring to An Imagined Garden",
is a chapter in a new publication by artist Andy Maitland.

Maitland had spent almost a decade in a daily rhythm of observation and drawing nature outdoors, making figurative drawings on his iPad, face to face with his subject in his local landscape of Surrey, before moving to a new kind of iPad drawing. This experience coupled with the small matter of a pandemic led him to discover a new form of iPad drawing.

"I’m learning to imagine meaningfully".

Born at the very beginning of the pandemic in 2020, as Britain went into an unprecedented lockdown, the idea of making simple drawings came from Maitland's authentic connection between nature and artist - his years of sensory training.

An Imagined Garden One.
"I’m learning to imagine meaningfully. An Imagined Garden One is simultaneously a real physical work and a mental suggestion".

Book description.
An Imagined Garden One is an art book containing new prints and colourful works pictured in-situ accompanied by the artist’s written thoughts. The portfolio (displaying small to expansive-scale works executed between 2021-22) records Maitland’s imaginative transition to a new form of iPad drawing.

An Imagined Garden One is Maitland's manifesto. Not a retrospective work, Maitland's journal excerpts from 2011-22 puts the notion of his current abstraction iPad drawings into context. His book displays several new works, in diverse proportions, accompanied by five written chapters. Each book is companioned with two surprises'.

Less than five hundred books published.
English (UK).
Soft cover.
One hundred and eighty four pages.
A4 (UK) size.
ISBN 978-1-7393183-1-4.
£65 including postage and packaging (UK).
Presently, can be purchased direct from Maitland's Studio.
A copy of this book is in the British Library.

Audio excerpts:

'I agree with the French poet Anatole France who said, "to know is nothing at all, to imagine is everything" and I started to make a new kind of iPad drawing.'

'A drawing is a piece of cinematic action recoded over time as a static or moving graphic image, as in The Digital Garden® shows. A drawing can be an exhibition of technical and retinal virtuosity but I think a drawing can be this and more. Now I think the notion of abstraction should be viewed critically. A drawing of a flower is not a flower. Artistic abstractions are not a lifeless stylisation but ...'

Excerpts from An Imagined Garden One. © Copyright 2024 Andy Maitland.

Abstraction is referential, creation is observational. Abstract art requires no reference, it is non referential. Figurative art is clearly derived from real object sources.
A precursor to this book was first produced as an ephemeral digital Novella, compiled of chapters, it was available for view online through 2020-21, now superseded by this new perpetual work.

Synopsis, notes and video, of Maitland's works >
'I have never been an Instagram artist...'

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