Andy Maitland first iPad drawing drawn across two iPad canvases, black and white

1 September 2015 - written by Andy Maitland.

A bigger iPad drawing. A short video clip of an iPad drawing made on three iPad canvases.

Making bigger digital drawings. Drawing pictures using multiple iPad canvases.

I’ve been experimenting with drawing pictures across multiple iPad canvases since 2012. This is one of my first using a triple iPad canvas. I tried this multi-iPad-canvas idea in July 2012 (see monochrome drawing above) but looking at the results I came to the conclusion that I had not yet accrued enough drawing experience on the iPad.

I’ve now been drawing my local landscape exclusively on iPad for almost three years. This picture was made in late 2013 and I’ve since made others. This drawing (and the video recording of this drawing) were first shown in January and July 2014 at special events at Apple, Covent Garden, London, UK.

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Andy Maitland, 2015, Morning Mist, iPad Drawing drawn across three iPad Canvases.


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