Andy Maitland, 2015, Morning Mist, iPad Drawing drawn across three iPad Canvases.

15 January 2016 - written by Andy Maitland

Video. Making bigger iPad drawings across multiple iPad canvases

In 2013 I finished my first triple iPad canvas drawing called ‘Morning Mist’, Reigate Priory Park, Surrey, England (pictured below). These iPad drawings and the mark for mark animated recording of the making of these drawings was first show at Apple in London in January and then July 2014.

“The British portrait artist Lucian Freud once said ‘I find it difficult to paint people I don't know’. Like people, trees are individuals and places have their own character. I can’t draw places well that I don’t know, so I’ve been getting to know these landscapes (the woods in Reigate Priory Park, Surrey, England). I call this place my ‘nemesis’ as I feel I’m yet to really do it justice.” Extract from “iPad Drawings” and my experience of making landscape drawings.

Last month I published my second eBook called “iPad Drawings”. The book shows some works drawn across multiple iPad canvases (including the picture above), something I’ve been aiming to achieve since mid 2012. Indeed, I made my first double canvas sketch outdoors using monochrome.

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Andy Maitland, 2015, Autumn Mist, iPad Drawing drawn across three iPad Canvases.